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Magic Pens and Oversised Lab Coats

Magic Pens and Oversised Lab Coats

Nobody knows who they are, where they are or how they look like. These misterious creatures called scientists like to hide from the sun, sometimes work at night and like to stay in small groups wearing usually oversised white coats. You'd think they all look the same but hang on, there's more fashion and style in the lab than you can imagine. 

You should wear a white shirt and classic trausers to work - said nobody ever in the lab.

No one even likes wearing suits, white shirts with a tie on a daily basis in the lab (well at least those who actually physically work in the lab). You should look smart enough to look properly but then again, you're covered with a lab coat. Don't get me wrong you can wear a full suit to work but not sure how it'll go with our oversised lab coat...

Our misterious creatures for some reason like to wear multiple layers. I guess it is because of the constant change of temperature in different parts of the lab. If you still get cold with multiple layers I think your manager will be concerned soon as you probably not working hard enough to keep yourself warm. 

Working long 12 hour shifts do not physically allow wearing heels (although, I know few odd people who actually do it!) thus the first most popular choice of scientists are Converses. Yes. Converses. All colours. White is usually to match the oversised lab coat which like white converses becomes grey quite soon. But even then, looks cool cause it's Converse right?

Please don't forget our accessories. Magic pens in top pocket of the coat. Why magic? Because they always dissappear! Like seriously, always. No matter how much you try not to loose it at the end of the day, your pen will be in someones elses' pocket and maybe it'll come back but not so sure. So, don't get emotionally attached to pens. Really.