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Hair Trends for The Brave & The Bold in 2017

Hair Trends for The Brave & The Bold in 2017

New year, new you! Right?

What better a way to revitalise your image, reinvent your style and into the swing of 2017 than with a new hairstyle. You know what they say, ‘When a woman changes her hair, she’s getting ready to change her life”.

Below, we’ll talk you through some of the strongest styles for your hair in 2017: 


1. Lengthy Choppy Fringes

If you are looking for a new look but aren’t sure about having a big chop just yet, consider a long, eye-length fringe. A loose, soft fringe is a great way to create a quite a dramatic look without losing much length.

Also, a long fringe is super adaptable, it can be a centre fringe one day and a sweeping side fringe the next; you a can plait them back or quiff them up. And don’t forget, a striking fringe can look great with the rest of your hair pinned up (a la this stunning look from Kendall Jenner or these striking fringe styles…)

2. Mid-Length Long LOBS

The lob has been a style staple for many years, but 2017 is breathing new life into the classic cut. The 2017 lob has added layers, in a slightly longer length for a fun and effortless chic. If you already have mid-length hair, then the simple addition of a few long layers for textures sake could bring you bang up to date. Take a picture of Hailey Baldwin’s relaxed waves to your stylist for reference!

3. Mermaid Long Locks

2016 saw both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian rocking extra-long, mermaid style extensions and NY Fashion Week catwalks were filled with shiny long super-realistic extensions. With long, straightened hair set to continue as a trend into Spring 2017, time to get growing!

To give your long locks a bit of edge, go for the wet look! Slick back your hair and secure it at the crown. This creates a strong rock ‘n’ roll look that puts focus on the face – so make sure your make-up on point for either a day or night style.

Check out H&M’s NY Fashion Week catwalk for inspiration, we love these four silky looks (not to mention the outfit envy!) ...

4. Natural Texture

2017 sees us moving into an era that has a greater appreciation for individual identity and natural beauty – and a long time coming, we say!

This year at Alexander Wang’s Spring 2016 show, each model rocked their natural hair, in all their unique glory. All those days we’ve spent straightening out our curls, relaxing our hair and blow-drying away the frizz are behind us. This year, those ideals were challenged by designers who booked models with distinct, unique styles.

As women, we’ve spent a long time fitting in to prescribed styles. Now, thanks to the boldness of celebrities such a Lupita Nyong’o, Lorde and Solange Knowles, we can all join the ‘individual me’ trend. So, rock that natural hair with pride!