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Fashion Mistakes That ruins Your Formal Style

Fashion Mistakes That ruins Your Formal Style

When we talk about fashion mistakes, we definitely do not mean the wrong choices of outfits or accessories that can ruin your appearance at a party. By Fashion mistakes, we mean the long-held habits that lead you towards those absurd choices of styling. Well if you often come across people judging you with comments that discourage you about your appearance then it is high time to recheck the mistakes that should quit and rectify your personal formal style.

Here are a few mistakes that you might be making and ruining your formal style:

Mistake Number One – Do not stick to one Brand

Love some brand and obsessed with it already? It is okay to prefer a brand as your favorite. We usually get comfortable with stitching and cuts offered by our favorite brands, but this just makes us stagnant and boring when it comes to Formal styling. Avoid sticking to a single brand and try others as well so as to explore your style.

Mistake Number Two – Do not believe in “Dry Clean Only.”

Many brands label their products with the tag of “Dry Clean only,” and gradually we find them losing life as we dry clean them each time. However, there are certain items which do not require to be professionally cleaned each time. Sometimes you get a better finishing and longer fabric life when you wash them with hands while few items require just a subtle soak in detergent water to be cleaned.

Mistake Number Three – Too Loose or Too Tight is just not done

Be very particular about your fitting. An ill-fitted shirt can be a big disaster to your formal style. Avoid wearing too loose or too tight shirts as this is only going to trigger the crowd for passing discouraging comments.

Mistake Number Four – Never wear a tie with short sleeve shirt

If you think you look cool and stud wearing a tie on a small sleeve shirt, you absolutely do not! It only makes you look like a salesperson selling items at your door. However, if you have a sheer obsession for ties, feel free to pull them off with full sleeves formal dress shirts.

Mistake Number Five – Going totally wrong with the accessories

Accessories have to be well suited and well matched to your complete outfit. Be very sensible when picking on the accessories like belt and shoes according to the right on color theme.