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10 Tips on Packing for your Winter Holidays

10 Tips on Packing for your Winter Holidays

Thousands of us are heading out on holiday for some winter sun. However, what should be a relaxing time is often filled with stress over what to pack and how to take all we need at a time when airline baggage allowances are getting stricter. Follow my top 10 packing tips to ensure that you start your holiday in the right spirit.


Planning: 1 Week Before

Be organised and give yourself enough time. This will avoid last minute panic which can lead to over-packing or finding out that you are missing essential items.


Lay out all your holiday clothes on the bed and then see what items can be mixed and matched with other pieces for maximum outfit creation. Ask yourself, what clothes can be dressed up for the evening or down for the daytime. This exercise will also allow you to identify any missing pieces such as swimwear, cover ups, accessories and other holiday items.


Make a shopping list to avoid over-spending when hitting the shops and if possible, purchase your essentials in the sales to save money.


If you are planning on getting some winter sun, remember that most shops may not stock summer essentials when are going, so be sure to buy swimwear, beach items and other summer clothing in summer as you will struggle once the autumn and winter ranges are in store.


The day before you leave

Start with your empty case. Pack the longest items first such as maxi dresses, trousers and kaftans.  Fold in half and lay flat inside your case.  


Middle of your suitcase: Put in the rolled up items such as blouses, tops and shorts. A great tip if you are taking a hat and you don’t want to wear it to the airport is to fill with underwear and socks and place it in the middle of your suitcase. This will allow it to keep its shape.


Top of your suitcase: The heaviest items should be packed last as they will help to keep everything else in place. This includes your shoes, toiletries, beach towel etc.  Fill in gaps with your underwear, swimwear and accessories. Some people prefer to pack shoes first so as not to stain their clothing. If so, lay them in the bottom of your suitcase in pairs to the side.


To ensure that your delicate jewellery is tangle free during your travels, store them in a daily pill dispenser from Boots or Muji as a cheaper alternative to travel pouches.


To ensure that your clothes smell fresh on arrival and put you in the holiday mood, add a scented lavender bag to your suitcase.


Lastly, be clever with your packing and ensure that you have essentials in your hand luggage such as travel sized toiletries, underwear, a change of clothes and PJs in case your luggage gets lost.